OCGems works with a select number of jewellery designers/manufacturers to bring you the best custom-made engagement/wedding rings & other jewellery.

Namely, Hodari Jewellery Creations(Co-Founder & Owner-Nonhlanhla Mtshali) and Afisia Eternity Jewellery and Diamonds(Co-Founder & Owner-Keagan Green).

These companies are as customer-centric as we are, because we greatly cherish the symbolism our products carry:
Commitment,Value,Beauty,Integrity and most importantly LOVE. Therefore it is of great importance to us that we reflect the aforementioned quality in our service to you.

You dream it and we will make it!


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18ct white/rose gold ring

30% OFF PROMO: US$7 140

 set with 0.90CT,G/I1 egl cert 170311436,66=0.30ct GH/VS, One only!
Selling price: US$10 200

18ct yellow gold flower ring

30% OFF PROMO: US$2 800

63=0.51ct gh vs. 3.7g
Selling price: US$4 000

18ct r/g leaf ring

30% OFF PROMO: US$1 890

22=0.22ct gh vs si.4.32g
Selling price: US$2 700

Tanzanite ring

30% OFF PROMO: US$7 000

 Emerald cut 2.7ct blu/v ,104=0.61ct gh vs 18ct w/g
Selling price: US$10 000

Oval ring

30% OFF PROMO: US$2 625

18ct r/g  0.37ct f si2 3.100g
Selling price: US$3 750

Violet ring

30% OFF PROMO: US$13 125

Selling price: US$18 750

Tanzanite ring RBC

30% OFF PROMO: US$3 045

 V/Blu, 36=0.35 gh vs 18ct w/g 3.100g
Selling price: US$4 350

Tanzanite ring

30% OFF PROMO: US$4 025

2.41 v/blu , 36+0.18ct gh vs-si 18ct w/g 4.100g
Selling price: US$5 750

Tanzanite ring

30% OFF PROMO: US$6 545

 Emerald cut 2.7ct blu/v ,104=0.61ct gh vs 18ct w/g
Selling price: US$9 350

Cluster ring

30% OFF PROMO: US$2 625

18ct y/g  0.14ct gh vs -2.000g
Selling price: US$3 750

Radiant cut

30% OFF PROMO: US$5 600

Selling price: US$8 000

Special cut

30% OFF PROMO: US$2 205

Selling price: US$3 150

Galaxy ring

30% OFF PROMO: US$3 255

Selling price: US$4 650


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18ct rose gold 1.20ct AAA pendant

30% OFF PROMO: US$3 045

violet blue tanzenite ,0.14ct ,GH/VS 2.20g cert #JR17095548
Selling price: US$4 350

18ct yellow gold flower pendent

30% OFF PROMO: US$2 800

41 stones = 0.25ct gh vs 1.400g
Selling price: US$4 000

circle of life pendent

30% OFF PROMO: US$2 184

14ct,42 rbc =0.33ct,GH/VS  2.7g
Selling price: US$3 120

18ct Rose Gold pendent

30% OFF PROMO: US$1 575

21=0.15ct gh vs-1.62g
Selling price: US$2 250

Tanzenite pendant

30% OFF PROMO: US$3 255

2.24ct Emerald cut.18ct w/g 1.600g
Selling price: US$4 650

Tanzenite pendant

30% OFF PROMO: US$5 530

 4.32ct Flower V/B EC, 0.20ct gh vs-si 18ct w/g 3.800g
Selling price: US$7 900


30% OFF PROMO: US$4 375

Selling price: US$6 250

Gold Pendent

30% OFF PROMO: US$2 415

 18ct y/g pendent, =0.27ct GH vs-si
Selling price: US$3 450


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Tanzenite Earings

30% OFF PROMO: US$3 570

18ct rose gold 1.77ct,violet blue AAA,0.25ct,GH/VS 4.10 g
Selling price: US$5 100

Circle of life Earrings set

30% OFF PROMO: US$1 645

14ct white gold  with 32=0.25ct ,GH/VS, 1.5g
Selling price: US$2 350

Earrings only

30% OFF PROMO: US$3 185

Selling price: US$4 550

teardrop shaped earrings

30% OFF PROMO: US$3 500

14ct r/g 0.33ct k vvs2, 0.34ct l vvs2 1.900g
Selling price: US$5 000


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Tanzenite bracelet

30% OFF PROMO: US$5 446

 4.35 v/b . 10=0.11ct GH si
Selling price: US$7 780

Examples of 3D Designs for custom-made engagement/wedding rings

Custom Jewellery Design

We believe that your jewellery should be as unique as you are

Our Beliefs

Ethically Sourced. Naturally Mined.Craftsmanship.Beauty, Art, Perfection

We only sell the best

All our OCGems Diamonds are GIA graded