Introducing our exclusive diamond with destiny tour:

OCGems in partnership with Olives Arch

You’ll have the opportunity to experience Kimberley and the Northern Cape with all the beauty it has to offer. You will also have the awesome opportunity to buy a diamond in the rough and have it cut and polished to your liking.

Diamonds are a symbol of eternity, therefore the perfect gift to take home for a loved one or for yourself and thus creating a lasting memory of a great tour!!!!

Currently available to tourist in China/Hong Kong

Offering unique customer experiences is at the bedrock of our existence. We believe in making those special moments, that little more special for you and your loved ones.

Contact us to find out more about the tour or make an advanced booking.

Coming soon to South Africa & USA

What you can look forward to on tour

Kimberley Airport
Experience the Friendly reception of the well known Marimba Band and Dancers for a unique welcome!

The Big Hole
Learn about the history of Kimberley, the first city with electric street lights, lighting up AFRICA with a sparkle!


Mondior Manor
Indulge in 5 Star accommodation to rest from the extended flight, relaxation served with refreshing drinks.


Kimberley Monument
Live a beautiful African sunset experience


Learn about the entire process of diamond cutting & polishing from the experts: from planning the outcome of the rough diamond to lasering, bruting, cut & polishing and finally the perfect end product!

West End Mine in Postmasburg
Gain first-hand insight into the daily lives of our South African Miners with a guided tour deep into the heart of the diamond-rich Northern Cape Province.


Experience genuine African Game Drives
Become one with Africa as you enjoy the experience of wild Africa…Live it!


Douglas Winery

Get first-hand experience and taste our South African wine straight from the vineyard.