Raees & Tasneem

After searching really hard to find the perfect ring. I spoke to Robin who from start to finish, guided me through every detail I needed to be aware of. I was really pressed for time, but the team at OCGems reassured me that I’d have nothing to worry about.

OCGems helped me create a custom-made diamond engagement ring that catered for affordability and had the ring completed days before I expected. Through them, I was able to plan a proposal and give my fiance an amazing, unexpected surprise. I couldn’t be happier with the service and the quality ring they produced. After searching multiple places, I can vouch that OCGems will give & ensure a great outcome.

Mohammed & Zayaan Jinnah

What an amazing experience it was to be able to observe and learn about the diamond manufacturing process. When we first thought of creating a ring, our first choice of a jeweler was OCGems because we knew how talented and passionate the team feels about Diamonds. What more could one want in a team? As soon as we started the process, Robin and Desmond were kind enough to walk us through the process, and by that, I mean it in the literal sense.

They showed us everything, right from the locations of where everything takes place, to the equipment used, through the rough evaluation and polishing process. This experience has been special, insightful and will be a memory never to forget. Thank you OCGems for creating a masterpiece that I will treasure for all the days of my life, and pass on to the next generations in our family. A timeless masterpiece, for sure! May you grow from strength to strength and prosper in everything you take on.

Zingfa & Tendai

Him: At the beginning of this year, while planning for the year ahead, I was wondering what I will get for my wife for our anniversary, we were turning 5 years since we said our vows. I then thought, we live in the city of diamonds so maybe getting a diamond will be a good idea. That was when I called Robin and asked for a meeting. A couple of days later, I was sitting across Robin in his office as he talked me through what a diamond is…shape, color, cut….etc., I was blown away and amazed at the process it takes to create a finished diamond.

Her: Robin and the Outclass Crystallized Gems crew were professional, they gave us options, printed model options so we can see what the finished product will look like before making the final pick, I am pleased with the whole experience. The final product exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the invitation we had to the Outclass Crystallized Gems office where we saw the whole process of what a rough diamond goes through and the intricate attention to detail every process requires.

Us: Thank you very much Outclass Crystallized Gems. We are very happy and satisfied customers.

Mr. & Mrs. Tsumura

💍♥️ Congratulations. The Bride looks absolutely gorgeous👰🏼💫

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your unique, amazing & very adventurous journey. We loved being a part of it, every single second. #Throwbackto2018- The story of how Yasuhiro Tsumura(Husband) flew from Japan to South Africa in search of the perfect natural polished diamond for his then beloved girlfriend. It’s true, LOVE can cause us to do extraordinary things.

Some may say it sounds like a scene straight out of Hollywood, others may say it sounds like a Fairytale, but we say it’s unwavering LOVE & COMMITMENT.

Pictured is Yasuhiro Tsumura from Japan.

Back when he was in high school, during a history lesson he learned about Kimberley, South Africa. Fascinated by its diamond history, Yasuhiro made a firm commitment to one day propose to his future wife a custom-made engagement ring containing a natural diamond from Kimberley, South Africa. Fast forward years later, Yasuhiro made good on his promise and got onto a plane from Japan to South Africa in pursuit of making this dream a reality.

He then spent two days driving around Kimberley in search of the perfect diamond. As fate would have it, he then came across OCGems on his very last day. We were amazed by his story and immediately sought out to serve him to the best of our abilities. Yasuhiro not only got his diamond but was able to enjoy some local cuisine whilst experiencing the local culture. This included going to the Hair Salon and getting a new hairstyle. The experience was mutual as we too, got to learn how to use chopsticks( using two folks). We wish you and your wife the very best for the future.

It was a great privilege and honor to play a part in this amazing story. At OCGems we greatly value relationships as our products symbolize commitment, value, integrity, beauty, and most importantly love. Therefore it is of great importance to us that we reflect the aforementioned characteristics and build long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

Shawn and Randy

The remodeling of wedding bands was done by OCGems.

We know Robin and Desmond from when they started their business and became “Brand Ambassadors” for their loose polished diamond brand “Purpose”. This is what actually sparked our decision to have them remodel our bands which symbolize our love for each other. Randy’s ring was to be a remake that captures our love for each other.  The five diamonds on each side symbolizing the years and the center stone being the union of two people. There is infinite love between us at the center.

A look at the end-product will convince all that OCGems understood what we were aiming for, as they captured this perfectly. The same is true for Shawn’s band which has gold in the middle and silver strands on the outside, emphasizing the center as a place filled with love. Robin and Co truly have outdone themselves in the process from inception to the consultation sessions and professionalism. The experience was ultra-professional, and we are truly happy with the final product. OCGems will grow from strength to strength because they allow unions to redefine their love connections as we did. Thanks for your epic services. Shawn and Randy

Mr & Mrs. Rangaka

I honestly never thought that I would be in this stage of my life and that I would find such joy and peace in finding my best friend and making her my life partner. I got into this step not knowing a single thing about ring designs and diamonds. It was an absolute pleasure working with Outclass Crystallized Gems, thank you for assisting us in finding the perfect stone and ring, just as we imagined it. You made our ring journey a pleasant one and very exciting. Thank you so much from Mr & Mrs. Rangaka

Hendrik & Yolanda


We cannot thank you enough for the effort you put into giving my wife the ring she deserves, she is ecstatic about it. She said she would tag you on Facebook with a thank you message with some photos. Your personal card is special, please never lose touch with whom you are now as I guarantee you’re the best version of yourself already with God by your side. Have a blessed day.

Thank you, Robin and team, for my perfect ring!
When my ring was stolen I thought I would never get another one so perfect!
But you made my vision come to life. Your service was excellent and I could recommend you to anyone.
Thank you

Clayton & Sonja


A once in a lifetime experience requires the aid of a certain kind of business. We were fortunate enough to have had OCGems by our side in creating this symbol for a lifetime commitment and union of husband & wife. This symbol was a perfect vintage-looking ring, with a round brilliant-cut diamond.
Like all other couples, we believed we are unique and wanted a ring reflecting this, a ring that encompassed all we stand for and that tells our story. OCGems delivered exactly what we wanted and more, truly. Even Clayton( husband) was so taken in with the end product that he was considering wearing the ring himself.
The whole process was effortless, well managed, and pleasurable throughout. The talents and hearts of the staff at OCGems are as rare as their diamonds.

Arnold & Elanie


We wanted to do something different with the making of our engagement rings. We wanted to do it ourselves as we felt that this would contribute to a special milestone in our lives. As every objective in life has its challenges, this outing was no other as we couldn’t find anyone willing or experienced enough to work with clients who prefer making their own engagement rings. Luckily we came across Robin and Desmond at Outclass Crystallized Gems.
These guys have a passion for what they do, they go the extra mile to give you insight into their world. Together with Daniel, an experienced jewelry maker from Leegee Jewelry, we could finally enjoy the art of making our own engagement rings.