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29. Emerald

  • Colour: Natural Fancy Dark Yellow Brown
  • Clarity: I1
  • Weight: 0,81ct
  • Certificate: GIA

30. Triliant

  • Colour:

    Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Orangy Yellow

  • Clarity: I1
  • Weight: 0,43ct
  • Certificate: GIA

31. Heart

  • Colour: Natural Fancy Dark Yellowish Brown
  • Clarity: I1
  • Weight: 0,85ct
  • Certificate: GIA

circle of life pendent



14K White Gold  Circle of Life Pendant set with 42 small diamonds(Carat Weight:0.33ct,Color:G/H, Clarity:VS) 2.7g

Cluster ring



14K Rose Gold Ring set with a 0.08ct round diamond at its centre(Color:G/H, Clarity:VS) and surrounded with 18 small diamonds(Carat Weight:0.32CT,Color:G/H, Clarity:VS)

Galaxy ring



18K White Gold Galaxy Ring set with a 0.80ct Violet Blue Tanzanite at its Centre and surrounded by small diamonds(Carat Weight:0.20CT, Color:G/H, Clarity:VS)

Oval ring



18ct Rose Gold Ring set with an Oval Shaped Diamond (Carat Weight: 0.37ct, Color:F, Clarity: SI2) 3.10g

Tanzanite ring



18K White Gold Ring set with a 2.70ct Emerald Shape,Violet Blue Tanzenite surrounded with small diamonds(Carat Weight:0.61ct, Color:G/H, Clarity:VS) 

Tanzanite ring



18K White Gold Ring set with 2 Violet Blue Tanzenites( Carat Weight: 2.41) , surrounded with 36 small diamonds(Carat Weight:0.18ct, Color:G/H, Clarity:VS/SI) 4.10g

Tanzanite ring RBC



18K White Gold Ring, with a Violet BlueTanzenite Centred surrounded by 36 small diamonds(Carat Weigh:0.35ct,Color:G/H, Clarity:VS) 3.1g

Tanzenite bracelet



Violet Blue Tanzenite Bracelet (Carat Weight:4.35ct) surrounding with 10 small diamonds(Carat Weigh:0.11ct, Color:G/H, Clarity:SI)

Tanzenite Earrings



18K Rose Gold Violet Blue AAA Tanzanite Earrings(Carat Weight: 1.77ct)  surrounded by small diamonds(Carat Weight:0.25ct,Color:G/H, Clarity:VS) 4.10 g

Tanzenite flower pendant



18K White Gold, 4.32ct Violet Blue Tanzenite Flower Pendant,surrounded by small diamonds(Carat Weight:0.20ct, Color:G/H, Clarity: VV-SI) 3.8g

Violet earrings



18K White Gold, 2,19ct Violet Blue Tanzantite Earrings, surrounded by 44 small diamonds(Carat Weight:0.17CT,Color:G/H, Clarity:VS)

Violet oval endent



2,80ct Violet Blue Tanzanite Pendent, surrounded by small diamonds(Cart Weigh:0.16ct,Color:H, Clarity:VS)

Violet ring



18K White Gold Ring, Centred with a 4.98ct Violet Blue Tanzanite surrouned by 108 small diamonds(Carat Weight:1.01ct,Color:G, Clarity:/VS)

White gold ring



18K White Gold Ring, centred with a Radiant Shaped Diamond(Carat Weight:0.73ct,Color:G, Clarity:VS), surrounded by small diamonds.