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OCGems Together With It’s Partners Presents A One Of A Kind Diamond Engagement/Wedding Ring Treasure Hunt!

Where better to have a treasure hunt for a diamond engagement/wedding ring, than in the diamond city itself in Kimberley, South Africa.

The competition will comprise of two stages. Stage one being an Online Trivia Challenge and stage two the Treasure Hunt Challenge.

All couples entering will start off in stage one and battle it out for a spot on stage two, as only the top 24 couples will advance to stage two.

There is a bonus spot available for the couple that wins the #howwemettreasurehuntchallenge. Send us a fun & creative video telling us, ”How You Met”. The video that receives the most likes on our social media page by the closing date WINS!!!  #howwemettreasurehuntchallenge

Spectacular Prizes Up For Grabs For Both Stage One & Two!

Just because you didn’t make it to stage two, It doesn’t mean the competition is over for you. Couples that do not advance to stage two, will still stand a chance to win 3 awesome prizes. More details pertaining to stage one & two are below.

Note: If you do advance to stage two, we will contact you with the options available in regards to travel & accommodation

It is our collective objective to ensure you receive the best experience and hospitality the Northern Cape has to offer!!!




Using the online platform Kahoot, we have built a custom-made online game for couples. It is becoming increasingly important in our world today to learn about & value all the different cultures that make up this beautiful planet of ours. There is so much to learn & explore, and we look forward to bringing you a fun & educational experience.

  • There will be 5 categories (History, Geography, Arts & Culture, Sport and Sponsors).
  • The category “Sponsors” will ask specific questions about OCGems and all its partners mentioned below.
    (CS Diamonds| Hodari Jewellery Creation | Broadwater River-Estate | Date Factory | Witfontein Game-Lodge | The Big Hole | QTS Kristal Dinamika | Airlink | Absa Bank | Northern Cape Tourism Authority | Kallima Brand Media House)
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE!!! & visit our websites prior to the competition to learn more about these amazing organizations. Stay tuned to our social media posts, as we will give hints throughout the campaign of important items to take note of.


Date of Event: 15th of January 2021 (A month prior to the treasure hunt challenge). Other two days of the challenge will be the 16th & 17th of January 2021.

Venue: Online (A link will be sent out prior to the date).

Number of games to be played: 3 different game styles will be played, each on separate days.

Duration of event: 3 days (Each game will run for approx. 15-20 minutes on each day).

Time: 8pm-8:30pm


Couples will need to answer each question within a specified time-frame. The more questions answered correctly, the more points you score. Only the top 24 couples at the end of day 3 will go through to the treasure hunt challenge.


Creating unique customer experiences, whilst positively contributing to the community is at the heart of our organizations. Therefore, it is of great importance to us that we offer all participating couples the opportunity to win and add to your value experience.

All participating couples who do not advance to stage 2 will have the opportunity to win these amazing prizes below through a lucky draw which will be held at the closing ceremony of the treasure hunt( 14th of February 2021).



Two return tickets to any destination domestically for the winning couple, courtesy of Airlink

The tickets will be valid from the 14th of February 2021 for 12 months and can be used to fly to any Airlink domestic destination. This prize is valued at R15,000.00.



1-Day Romantic Getaway to Witfontein Game Lodge

Includes a Game-Drive & River-rafting. Also includes return flight tickets for the winning couple, as well as ground transportation. This prize is valued at R8,500.00 (Please note the flight tickets only cover a return ticket from Johannesburg/Cape Town to Kimberley).



A Beautiful Fancy Colour Diamond in a pendant

A Rare, Beautiful & Unique Fancy Colour Diamond set in a pendant from QTS Kristal Dinamika valued at approx. R8,500.00




CONGRATULATIONS!! To the top 24 couples from stage one and the couple that would have won the #howwemettreasurehuntchallenge.

These 25 couples will now compete for the three remaining prizes below, with the grand prize being a custom-made diamond engagement/wedding ring valued at R50,000.00.(couples will be given an option for an alternative diamond jewellery piece valued at the same price).

At this stage, we will contact each couple to offer transportation & accommodation solutions, as our collective objective is to ensure you receive the best experience & hospitality the Northern Cape has to offer.

A fun, challenging & educational activity will be set up at each location. Completing each activity will score you points, as well as answering the questions at each station. Couples will need to rely on their maps to guide them to the different challenges set out in the city & outside the city.


Date: 13th of February 2021(We will keep all 25 couples up to date in the event we need to postpone due to COVID-19 regulations. In the event SA goes back into lockdown, our contingency date will be the 1st of April 2021.)

Contingency Date: 1st of April 2021

Duration of event: 2 Days


Please Note: All covid-19 regulations and protocols will be carried out throughout the event, as your health & safety is of our highest priority.


Opening Ceremony:

We will have an opening ceremony to welcome all couples, giving a rundown of the itinerary and rules.

Day 1 – Outside the City:

This day will comprise of activities one does not get to typically experience in the city. It is about learning more about nature, our environment, and the beauty that surrounds us away from the noise. Kimberley is surrounded by game reserves, a lion park, and camping sites. A lot to offer our couples.

Day 2 Within the City:

Big Hole, Maggersfontein etc

This day will comprise of activities within Kimberley, as our focus is to educate couples about this city’s amazing history in a fun & creative way. So much more to learn about Kimberley, beyond its legendary diamond history.

The last 2 activities will be the most challenging and will have bonus points attached to them, giving couples more of a reason to gear up for the last fight.

Couples need to complete all the challenges within a specified time frame:

E.g. Day 2, couples will need to complete 8 challenges spread across the city (Kimberley) within 10 hours (7am-17:00pm).

  • Earn bonus points if you finish challenges in advance.
  • Completing all the activities within the time frame earns you points.
  • Also earn points by uncovering the correct answer to each challenge

Closing Ceremony (End of Day 2 @ 8pm): At the closing ceremony, we will have a Gala Dinner where we will announce the winners of the Treasure Hunt Challenge. Furthermore, we will host a live lucky draw, where the couples who did not reach stage 2 will stand a chance to win the three awesome prizes mentioned above.




A Purpose Branded Custom-Made Diamond Engagement/Wedding Ring valued at approx. R50,000.00

You Dream It & We Will Make It!!! Upon winning, the lucky couple will be scheduled for an appointment with one of SA’s top jewellery designers Ms. Nonhlanhla Mtshali who is the Co-Founder & Owner of Hodari Jewellery Creation. She will design & manufacturer the custom-made engagement/wedding ring to the winning couple’s specifications.

Our brand “PURPOSE” looks at the journey a diamond takes from mine to market and relates it with life itself. A simple reminder that demonstrates that all human beings have the potential within them to strive & achieve greatness. Read more about our exclusive loose polished diamond brand.

Together, CS Diamonds, OCGems & Hodari Jewellery Creation will document through pictures & videos, the journey this unique masterpiece undertook from the mine to the winning couple’s hand. A TRULY SOUTH AFRICAN PRODUCT, 100% MANUFACTURED WITHIN OUR BORDERS BY HIGHLY SKILLED INDIVIDUAL’S LIVING WITHIN OUR COMMUNITIES.

PLEASE NOTE: The winning couple can opt for an alternative diamond jewellery piece of the same value. During consultation Ms. Mtshali will present the other options available.



A 3-day romantic getaway for two to Broadwater River Estate

A Private River Escape that nestles on the banks of the Vaal River near Douglas. In this pristine aquatic environment, you find space for the solitary and activity for the energetic. This prize includes return flight tickets for the winning couple, as well as ground transportation. This Prize is valued at R15,000.00 (Please note the flight tickets only cover a return ticket from Johannesburg/Cape Town to Kimberley).

  • Includes a cruise on the Dariva Natura Barge.
  • A game drive at Sunset Private Game Reserve.
  • Breakfast and dinner for the 3 days.
  • Free access to their kayaks during their stay.



A custom-made Date Box from Date Factory

Valued at R2,300.00

Get ready to be swept off your feet and go on a date like no other, all in the comfort of your home.

Win a custom-made Date Box from Date Factory.

The team at DateFactory plans, packs, and ships a complete date in a discreet box right to your doorstep, anywhere in South Africa.

Once the third-place winner is announced, Date Factory will build a custom-made date box that will be delivered to the couple’s home within two weeks.


To enter the race, couples must follow these steps. Closing Date for Entries: 08th of January 2021. Age Restrictions:18yrs +

Each couple signing up will receive a R60 voucher from DateFactory.


Fill out the form on our website

Complete this easy form along with your partner

Confirm entrance fee payment

Make payment of R800.00 via our website. Click below:


OPTIONAL BONUS: Stand A Chance To Automatically Qualify For Stage 2!

Win the #howwemettreasurehuntchallenge and automatically secure your spot for Stage 2. All you need to do is to send us a 40-second clip telling us how you met in a fun & creative manner. The video which receives the most likes on our social media page by closing date (8th of January 2021) WINS!!!

Instructions & Rules:

1. Email the video to

2. Maximum length of video is 40 seconds.

3. Contestants are free to use any of the 11 official languages.(Including sign-language). 4. No profanity or vulgar words are to be used or you will be automatically disqualified.

Once we verify that you have completed these two simple steps, we will send you a CONFIRMATION LETTER VIA EMAIL.


Terms & Conditions
1. Upon receiving a CONFIRMATION LETTER AND R60 VOUCHER FROM THE DATE FACTORY your spot is secured.
2. Instructions for stage 1 will be sent to your email address.Please ensure you read all the instructions carefully & follow to avoid disqualification.
3. Only the top 25 couples will advance to stage 2. This includes the couples that would have won the #howwemettreasurehuntchallenge and any other free spots we may give away through our partners.
5. Upon advancing to stage 2, further instructions will be sent to your email address. Please read carefully and follow to avoid disqualification.
6. Please note, winners of all the 6 prizes will be announced on the 14th of February 2021. Due to some of the prizes being custom-made or needing a reservation( e.g Broadwater River Estate & Witfontein Game Lodge), the winning couples will be given further instructions on how to go about claiming their prize together with the turn-around time.
7. Dates are subject to change depending on COVID-19 restrictions in the country.
1. Please note, there is no cash refund. OCGems may only offer you a store credit of the same amount paid when purchasing one of our products.
2. If circumstances arise and the event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be refunded R800.00.