How We Work

Process 1

Evaluating the Rough – Our diamond evaluator will initially examine the rough diamond using a Loupe(x10 magnifying glass).

Process 2

Planning-He/She will then place it in the analyzer, which will give them different options of the polished outcome.

Process 3

Lasering- This is splitting the diamond into two or more pieces.

Process 4

Bruting-The Process by which a diamond is made round.

Process 5

Polishing- Adding the different facets onto the diamond according to specific depths and degrees to give it its brilliance, scintillation & fire.

Process 6

End Product- Loose polished diamond.

Our Diamond shapes

Our Products / Services

We offer loose polished GIA Graded Diamonds

We are also part of the GIA Mine2Market program.

Ever wonder where your diamond comes from?
Is it ethically & responsibly sourced?

Does it provide a positive impact on its surrounding community? Wonder No More!!! OCG is an active participant in the GIA Mine2Market program. Therefore we are able to offer GIA Graded Mine2Market Diamonds. After purchasing a Mine2Market diamond from us, you can download the GIA M2M app onto your phone/tablet.

Once the app is installed, scan the barcode on the GIA smart card and all the information (including videos & pictures) pertaining to that particular diamond become available. Additionally, you can add pictures, videos & stories of your personal journey. (E.g. The wedding, honeymoon)