Our current OCGems Catalogue

OCGems offers GIA or AGS graded diamonds which have been ethically and responsibly sourced.
All our diamonds are cut & polished by highly skilled craftsman, who perform a work of art in bringing out the sparkle, brilliance and fire!!!

Square 1.05ct-J-VS1

Cushion 1.05ct-I-SI1

Round Brilliant 0.76ct-F-VS2

Round Brilliant 1.09ct-I-SI1

Round Brilliant 0.55ct-F-VS1

Round Brilliant 0.61ct-E-VS1

Oval 0.75ct D-VVS1

Radiant I-SI1-4016.25

Long Hexagon 0.49ct SI2 Natural Color-Medium Champagne

Modified Lozenge 0.74ct SI2 Natural Color-Vivid Fancy Yellowish Brown

Baguette 0.39ct SI2 Natural Color-Vivid Fancy Brownish Yellow

Emerald 0.79ct SI3 Natural Color-Fancy Cognac





Radiant Shape 0.45ct F VVS1



Round Brilliant 0.54ct F VVS2

Custom Jewellery Design

We believe that your jewellery should be as unique as you are

Our Beliefs

Ethically Sourced. Naturally Mined.Craftsmanship.Beauty, Art, Perfection

We only sell the best

All our OCGems Diamonds are GIA graded