OCGems Together With It’s Partners Presents A One Of A Kind Diamond Engagement/Wedding Ring Treasure Hunt!

Where better to have a treasure hunt for a diamond engagement/wedding ring, than in the diamond city itself in Kimberley, South Africa.
Join us for an experience of a lifetime!

Kimberley is the capital & largest city of the Northern Cape Province in South Africa

A city renowned for quite a number of things, such as being the first city in the Southern Hemisphere and second In the world after Philadelphia to integrate electric street lights and most famously diamond mining/or should we say the BIG HOLE.

A leading industrial hub in South Africa in the nineteenth century with not only a vibrant diamond mining industry but drawing merchants from all over with various goods, which made it truly a city of limitless opportunities. The discovery of diamonds in the 19th century changed South Africa’s course of history forever.

The forefathers of this great city worked tirelessly to build it into what it is today but also left the generations to follow with a great task.

Henceforth “Outclass Crystallized Gems” was born, a diamond cutting and polishing company situated in the heart of Kimberley amongst the very souls that are dear to the diamond history.

Our mandate is to revive the diamond legacy that once embraced the city of Kimberley through creating jobs for our fellow youth, up-skilling the local community with the ability & skill to cut & polish diamonds for thelocal/international market and creating unique experiences for our clients.

We not only pride ourselves in acquiring ethically sourced rough diamonds but also being transparent and building a long-lasting relationship with our clients. Therefore we welcome all our clients and customers with open arms to join us on this journey and play a part in making Kimberley the city of limitless opportunities’ again.

Diamond Inventory

OCGems works with a select number of jewellery designers/manufacturers to bring you the best custom-made engagement/wedding rings as well as other beautiful jewellery pieces.

Diamond Jewellery

GIA Graded Loose Polished Diamonds, including RARE Fancy Color Diamonds. All our diamonds are naturally mined, ethically and responsibly sourced.

We greatly value relationships as our products symbolize commitment, value, integrity, beauty and most importantly love. Therefore it is of great importance to us that we reflect the aforementioned characteristics and build long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

Whether you looking for a GIA Graded loose polished diamond or a custom-made diamond ring, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to serve you as best as possible.

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