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GIA graded loose polished diamonds.


Custom made diamond jewelry.

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GIA graded fancy colored diamonds.


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When we discuss the importance of positively impacting the communities we serve, our focus always includes our clients.

We recognize the essential truth that a strong marriage serves as the cornerstone for a resilient family, which in turn forms the foundation of a thriving community. Strengthening communities enriches the vitality and prosperity of our cities, ultimately shaping a robust and prosperous nation. As our clients embark on the beautiful journey of marriage, it is our duty & responsibility to consistently remind them, that the love and connection they cultivate extends far beyond their lifetimes, influencing generations to come.

This is why we continually strive to exceed expectations for our clients, crafting unique and unforgettable experiences aimed at fostering enduring bonds. Thank you to all the participating couples for joining us in our Online Trivia Challenge, and a very big thank you to our partners/sponsors Isabella Design Jewellers & DateFactory.

Sincere congratulations once again to Bengani and Alexandra for securing an impressive 2nd place victory in the Online Trivia Challenge. We are delighted to share the exciting news that they have won the enticing “Let’s Get Raunchy” Box from DateFactory. Dive into an adventurous experience with this box designed for the wild at heart. Turn off the lights and let the magic happen as you explore something sweet, something sexy, and tantalize your taste buds on this memorable date night. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to DateFactory for their generous sponsorship, adding an extra layer of excitement to this memorable celebration.

Heartfelt congratulations once again to Graham & Kim for their outstanding 1st place victory in the Online Trivia Challenge. We are thrilled to announce that they have won the enchanting “Win Me Over” Valentines Box from DateFactory. Unbox the magic, engage in heart-to-heart conversations, embark on a love quest, and spice things up with tastefully teasing games. This thoughtful creation is designed to add a touch of magic and playfulness to every relationship, fostering unforgettable shared moments filled with laughter and love. A special thank you to DateFactory for their generous sponsorship, making this celebration even more memorable.

Warm congratulations once again to Peter and Janet for achieving an impressive 3rd place victory in the Online Trivia Challenge. We are thrilled to announce that they have earned a well-deserved reward – a R200 voucher to spend at DateFactory. This token of appreciation allows them to explore the delightful offerings from DateFactory and create their own special moments. A sincere thank you to DateFactory for their generous sponsorship, enhancing the joy of this memorable celebration.

Creating unique & memorable customer experiences is at the heart of who we are and what we do. 

Thank you to all our valuable clients & customers for your unwavering support, we are truly honored & privileged each time you entrust us to deliver a product of significant value & meaning to you.


"I am pretty hard on my ring, and expose it to all the elements... so it was in need of a good clean, polish, plating and some TLC. Kurt was so helpful and friendly. I was very pleased with the result and my ring looks good as new! Thank you to OCGEMS and Jewellen."

Kim Hauman

The remodeling of wedding bands was done by OCGems.
We know Robin and Desmond from when they started their business and became “Brand Ambassadors” for their loose polished diamond brand “Purpose”. This is what actually sparked our decision to have them remodel our bands which symbolize our love for each other. Randy’s ring was to be a remake that captures our love for each other.  The five diamonds on each side symbolizing the years and the center stone being the union of two people. There is infinite love between us at the center.
A look at the end-product will convince all that OCGems understood what we were aiming for, as they captured this perfectly. The same is true for Shawn’s band which has gold in the middle and silver strands on the outside, emphasizing the center as a place filled with love. Robin and Co truly have outdone themselves in the process from inception to the consultation sessions and professionalism. The experience was ultra-professional, and we are truly happy with the final product. OCGems will grow from strength to strength because they allow unions to redefine their love connections as we did. Thanks for your epic services. 

Shawn & Randy

After searching really hard to find the perfect ring. I spoke to Robin who from start to finish, guided me through every detail I needed to be aware of. I was really pressed for time, but the team at OCGems reassured me that I’d have nothing to worry about. OCGems helped me create a custom-made diamond engagement ring that catered for affordability and had the ring completed days before I expected. Through them, I was able to plan a proposal and give my fiance an amazing, unexpected surprise. I couldn’t be happier with the service and the quality ring they produced. After searching multiple places, I can vouch that OCGems will give & ensure a great outcome.

Raees & Tasneem

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